We care for your merchandise as if it were ours, focusing on space and safety to keep it in perfect conditions.

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We have 18,000 m2 of storage, strategically located in CABA, equipped with:

  • Loading and unloading docks
  • Selective racks
  • Temperature controlled chamber, chilled and frozen
  • Pallet jacks, stackers, fork-lift trucks and triloaders
  • Fire-extinguishing system, with hydrants and sprinklers
  • Generator, monitoring cameras, alarm, and security staff 24 hours a day
  • Ability to license ANMAT and SENASA
  • Displaying stock online
  • Stock management by lot, expiration date or serial number

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Mapa Monteagudo 624 (C1437EVN)
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel.: (54 11) 4911-1642
Whatsapp   (54 9 11) 6693-5610